Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Beading Toy!

Before we  talk about the new toy, we will look at the bottom of the sarcophagus.  I did not enjoy this part. With practice I finally got it...sort of.  

I learned to push the current string of beads up into the previous row, like a zipper.

And so it went from the right side,

to the left, (which was done with the canvas at a 90 degree turn).

So here we are, ready to stitch bead the rest of the sarcophagus.

Amy gave me a personal tip to aid in the task. Turn the canvas upside down and work from the bottom
to the top of the beast.

Here is the new toy!  This disc has a magnet on the bottom and a tacky surface on the top.

What a wonderful way to have your beads handy.

Amy and Jill ordered this toy at market.  Hopefully they will arrive at the shop soon.

Here are my boys making sure I don't drop any beads.


  1. Your boys are so handsome! What are their names? Please introduce us.
    Did they do their job by making sure that you didn't drop any beads?

  2. Ethan is on the left, and Joel is on the right. They are named after the filmmakers, Joel and Ethan Coen. They mainly just watch as a bead rolls down the canvas. I think they like the light. Look at Ethan squinting as if under a sunlamp. Ethan has no interest in my stitching except to sit on the back of my chair while I am there. Joel, on the other hand, can spot a needle on the floor from three feet.

  3. Like your boys...looks as though they know every stitch you make! Got a question for you. In the third section from the top, I'm having a hard time finding the pattern. When you get there, please show a close-up. And in the first section, I have no light green in this area so which color is done in the light green? Gus is definitely taking shape...and thanks for all you do, Peggy! Judy Ellis

  4. Hey Judy,

    I don't have any green in my first section either. What I have I looked at Amy's and have decided to put one light green bead under the black tread which is under the purple triangle. I have just finished one side of the third section. I will make a photo and post it right away.

  5. Thanks Peggy, just what I needed. I also love the beading...exciting work. Happy stitching!


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