Saturday, January 22, 2011

The thin green line.

I had to read the directions three times before I figured out that the tassel on the skull stick should have two green lines to separate the tassel into three parts.

So I drew a mark where the top green line probably was on Amy's canvas.

I stitched the top layer and began to pad the second.

Padding complete.

I then finished the tassel as in the guide.  I used the wrong blue, but I am going to leave it in.

And now the beads are between each section.

The next step was to couch a thicker stick and add the Mummy's fingers holding the stick.

And it was fun to add the loops of beads.


  1. Nobody had a fancier skull-on-a-stick! It looks like great fun, Peggy. Thanks for including us spectators in bringing The Mummy to life.

  2. Peggy

    Thanks for the explanation because I wasn't sure and figured I'd deal with it when I got there. Yours looks very good. Love the colors and I wouldn't take it out either.

    Sue VanderNoor


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