Monday, January 10, 2011

TNNA Market Report: Day Three

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Today was the final day of the Market. It closed at 3PM, and the tear-down was fast and furious. It is quite a marvel to witness.

Here are a few more photos of the many things coming back with us to Amy's:

Graveyard by Once in a Blue Moon

Haunting by Once in a Blue Moon

Halloween Cupcakes by NeedleDeeva
Stitch Guides by Cynthia Thomas

Walker Bags • Triple Zip • with Handle
Jill got to meet Mindy. Here they are in the Dream House Ventures booth. Mindy's newest designs make a wonderful backdrop, don't you think?

Jill and Mindy
Jill met dede Ogden, too. We heard that dede will be releasing a new book this April called "That's Not Needlepoint!" I can't wait to get my copy. I am such a fan of dede's. Here is one of the dede's new canvases called Seahorse Under Glass. I love it. So unique.

Seahorse Under Glass by dede Ogden

I was able to re-connect with great friends this trip. I planted seeds for upcoming teaching engagements as well as found canvases to stitch and teach at the June 2011 Market in Columbus, OH, as well as the January 2012 Market in Phoenix, AZ.

Bailey's first snow • January 2011

I have had the best time in California. The weather has been mild and pleasant. I've got 3 more days here... loving every minute. Memphis got 5 inches of snow yesterday. Pat sent me this photo of Bailey experiencing his first snow. I had to share it with you.  Well, that's all for now. Thanks, Robin

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  1. Bailey is so cute in his snow picture! We got a dusting of snow and a little ice but never lost power, thank goodness. Our little one, Augie, doesn't ever go outside so he was content to stay in and warm with his mom and dad. Love the designs you have been showing us! Now I need to get to work on some existing things so I can add a few new ones this year. Hope you enjoy your other days in California away from the snow of Memphis!


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