Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Memories at DMC

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Did you know there are some wonderful (free) Stitch Guides available on the DMC website? The canvases are from Associated Talents; the theme is "Shop the Town" -- a collection of store fronts with great opportunities for DMC Memory Thread. They are PDF files so you can print them and refer to them for inspiration in 2011.

I first ran across these canvases and their embellishment techniques at the June 2010/Columbus TNNA Market. I thought it was a clever usage of DMC Memory Thread. In the photo above, I photographed the overall grouping of the 5 canvases and added examples of the design features. These canvases are currently available on Amy's website; her 25% OFF SALE ends tomorrow at Midnight.

Here's the list of the canvases and their AT numbers:
  • Coffee Shop FL-711
  • Flower Shop FL-710
  • Needlework Shop FL-713
  • Bakery FL-712
  • Boutique FL-714 

Be sure and wander over to the DMC site. They have many interesting videos and concepts for using the Memory Thread. You have seen me use it before. Recently, I used DMC Memory Thread on both the Harvest Fairy and the Bird & Worm.  Easy to use. Great embellishing tool.

Bird & Worm • Zecca #ZE-107

Here's one more thing before you start celebrating the New Year. Look at my new Stitch Guide cover designed by Zecca. Honored, indeed.  Thanks, Robin


  1. Thanks, Robin. I will link to this from the CH Stitch Guide blog so that fans of Associated Talents can find the guides.

    Nice to know the canvases are on sale until tonight.

    Congratulations on the dynamite cover for your Bird & Worm. It looks very very professional!!!!

  2. Robin - I am so excited for you! The stitch guide looks great - I know you are proud!

  3. Hi Jane,
    I did this posting because I thought it was too good to be buried with a website. We will be your roving ears & eyes at the Market next week. Happy New Year to you and all in Chilly Hollow. Hugs to you & Watson. Robin

  4. Hi Melinda. Thanks for your kind words. The Bird & Worm is a cute little canvas on 18 mesh. The canvas design of the Bird & Worm is 6 3/16" x 3 3/16". I used 9" x 7" stretcher bars. Happy New Year to you and all in Georgia. Peggy says she's been stitching on Sarcoph A. Gus, and has been having the best time. I think we can happily say... Peggy's back.

  5. Robin,
    I'm taking your Bird & Worm Class at TNNA and am looking forward to meeting you. (OMG that's this week!)

  6. Hi Tisha,
    It will be an honor to meet you. I'm a big fan. Safe travels. Robin


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