Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Green section on Sarcophagus lid.

Here is the green section of the Sarcophagus.  

It is a bit hard to see the pattern.  The grey threads are for the darkest green bead, then the middle green threads are for the medium green beads.  The lightest areas are for the same green used on the gecko in the mummy's hand.

I can only imagine how difficult this canvas was to paint.  The beads are a great statement and would dominate the canvas if Amy had not added the strips to the mummy.  I'm loving the beading.  Remember, you are doing basketweave but with a bead on each stitch.  So easy!


  1. I find adding beads by doing basketweave from the bottom up works very well. If you have trouble basketweaving your beads, try working bottom up.

    Just a tip to help.

    Jane, waving from snow-covered CH

  2. Thanks Jane. I will try that.


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