Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mummy Man.

I've moved over to the wrapped mummy.  There are three different stitches around his coffin.                                       
You might want to do the area that calls for basketweave first in order to have a place to anchor the threads for the other two areas. 

I've got to think that Amy's canvas did not have a yellow rim on top of the coffin.  I can't see any yellow in her picture.  You may want to cover the area with gesso before stitching.  I am leaving it, as it looks like distressed gold!

Coffin done!
 Now the face.  

NOT another pretty face!

And finally, starting the wraps.  I worked two needles as I went down the body of the coffin.  Refer to the picture.  You will get into a rhythm.

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