Friday, January 7, 2011

Gecko Border

With all the background done, I've moved on to the gecko border.   Please follow the chart, not the paint.  It is not a really bad thing if you do your own thing.  I just chose to rely on the chart.  Your canvas may not differ with the chart, so don't worry about it.

Isn't this the best icky green thread?

And look at this great magnet that Jill gave me for Christmas.  

Back to business... I choose to cover the legs and the blue thread which my laying tool is pointing out, (with the background thread), because I didn't want him to have one blue leg.  It was just personal preference.  But the best thing is using this wonderful silk thread.  It is a first for me, and I hope not the last time I use this wonderful silk.

I hope we get some market reports from Robin tomorrow night.  Be sure to check designer websites tomorrow as they often post their new designs on the first day of a Market.

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