Sunday, January 9, 2011

TNNA Market Report: Day One

Hi Everybody... Robin here... in CALIFORNIA.

Yes, it is Day 1 of Market. I taught my Bird & Worm canvas from Zecca (ZE-107) to a full house. Very well received. Tomorrow I will be teaching the Harvest Fairy canvas (MSD DM-09). Both items were on display in their designer's booths. It was a proud moment for me, indeed.

Today Amy, Jill, and I walked the entire Market floor. From the 1900 aisle to the 300 aisle. This year, Amy used her Smart Pen for recording notes. Very cool.

In the Associated Talents booth, Jill likes their new Halloween Ornaments including these:

In the Dream House Ventures booth, both Amy and Jill like these new Mindy designs:

In the & More booth, both Jill and Amy liked Julia Snyder's new design, Love You Most. Oh, and by the way, Julia's new Blackwork book is very nice. I am looking forward to getting my copy.

At the Edmar booth, Amy saw her good friend, Maria Freitas. You might remember that the wonderful thread, Bouclé is made by Edmar. Maria was happy to show Amy a new white Bouclé... a real white... a pure white... really, really white Bouclé thread. This made Amy really happy when Maria had it made... thinking of Amy Bunger. This was a fun moment to witness.  Then Amy introduced Jill and myself to Maria. She is one of the most talented, gifted embroidery, stumpwork needle artists I have ever seen. Her entire booth has finished pieces of wonderful, museum quality art.

Amy then asked Maria to demonstrate the Bullion on a Stalk technique to Jill. This was a special event for all of us. Here are some photos to share with you:

Maria Freitas and Jill Wilensky

Bullion on a Stalk technique
Amy Bunger and Maria Freitas

The last thing to show you are some of the new things coming from Lantern Moon. This is a brand new line of products to be carried at Amy's ... mainly because Lantern Moon is usually dedicated to the knitters. We all fell in love with their unique fabrics and styles including:

Mort - Ort bin

Mindy Pocket 

When we walk through the Market, we look at the Knitters area... almost lamenting that they've got the neatest gadgets, gizmos and bags. We asked ourselves, why can't we have them, too? Now... we can.

Well, that's just a glimpse into Day One with Amy and Jill. I'll be reporting back in tomorrow with more photos of what's coming your way. Thanks, Robin.


  1. Robin,
    Thank you for a wonderful report. Already saw things to order.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Good to hear from you. It is fun to share the experience.

  3. Congratulations on the classes, Robin. I knew they'd go very well! Folks are lucky to be able to learn from you.

    As for the Mort Ort bins, I have a leather coin purse I love just like that! Small world....

  4. Thanks, Jane. It's always nice to have people like you in my corner, cheering me on. We will have more later this evening. Hugs. Robin

  5. Robin - I love the finished Bird & Worm! A breath of spring for sure! I had no doubt that your class would go well as I am sure Harvest Fairy will. Love the Halloween ornaments and the & More canvas. Lantern Moon is also a favorite of mine from my knitting days. Looking forward to hearing more about the show. Thanks for the update!

  6. Robin, congratulations on a good class and I'm sure Harvest Fairy went well too. I'm seeing all kinds of wonderful things to add to my stash! Hope your trip goes well and you have lots of fun with all the classes you will be teaching!

  7. Hi Robin

    Thanks for the wonderful information about Market. WOW!!! all looks great. Have more fun and look forward to another update. Thanks for keeping informed and being such a good enabler. Way to go!!!!

    Hugs to all
    Sue VanderNoor

  8. Thanks for having Lantern Moon! Now I know what I'm getting my needlepointing mom-in-law for Mother's Day.

  9. Hi Michele,
    Walking over to the knitting side of the Market was a fun experience. Watching Amy Bunger decide which Lantern Moon things to get was delightful. Fun times, indeed. You will definitely win points with your MIL. Thanks for visiting the blog. Robin


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