Monday, August 15, 2011

Teaching and Feasting in Baltimore

Hi Everybody... Robin here... in Baltimore.

On Friday afternoon I taught the Fraidy Cat class to the Shop Owners attending the Baltimore Fall Market.  Yes, what you have read on other blogs is true: the arrival of the Fraidy Cat canvases were delayed one day beyond the teaching class. ( Déjà vu 2, anyone?) Luckily, this time we had  advanced notice and were able to devise a Plan B. Practice canvases were provided to the students thanks to Ruth Schmuff/Bedecked & Beadazzled, and we stitched our way through the stitch guide. Judee/NeedleDeeva came to the class and gave each student a Hooty Owl canvas as a "we apologize" gesture. Fraidy Cat did arrive the next day and all is right with the world.

Friday evening was a lovely dinner spent with a great group of people including Leigh Designs, Be Stitched Needlepoint, Sharon G, Team Deeva, Missy G and beau, and Stitchers Inc. We went to Kali's Court; ranked high on the Missy G favorites list.

My quest for crab continued. But I also tried some other food as well. I ordered off the Appetizers Menu: Cheese Tray, a chilled Gazpacho soup with Lump Crab meat, and Sea Scallops with Crab Ravioli & Goat Cheese. HEAVEN.

Oh, I forgot to mention the cocktail of the evening: the French Martini. I'm gonna do some more research on that drink. Ooo la la...  I really had the best time, and it's only Friday. More days to come. Thanks, Robin


  1. HUNGRY! I am hungry!

    Jane, starving for food and NP company here in CH (sob!)

  2. Hi Jane. Good to hear from you. Sorry if all of the food is too much, but really... what's a blogging girl to do? I must share my Baltimore experience, right? And, after all... when we travel, don't we remember the meals the most? Blogging is so much fun. Thanks, Robin

  3. I wish I had that Martini after the "Noah's experience".
    Robin, it was great, we had a wonderful time and Bones is so cute; hope you come back soon for more. Say hello to Leo and Luna


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