Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baltimore Market: Saturday... part 2

Hi Everybody... Robin here... with Baltimore memories.

The time passed so quickly in Baltimore and my blogging eventually got out of sync for a real-time experience. But, play along with me... let's pretend it's still Saturday... OK?

Saturday was the first full day of the Cash & Carry Market. I stayed pretty close to the NeedleDeeva camp; writing up orders and handing out Fraidy Cat canvases. I did get to step out a bit and enjoyed visiting the Amanda Lawford/DC Designs room. It was good to see Amanda and her son, Derek, again.

I picked up a few canvases for myself. They are small and sweet. Two are from the artist, Mariko King (no relation... drats!) and one is from Amanda Lawford, her very self. I will enjoy working on each of these.

I visited the Rainbow Gallery room.  Sally (from Rainbow Gallery) was in my Fraidy Cat class. She showed the class the NEW Petite Silk Lamé Braid. It comes in all the same colors as the Silk Lamé Braid 13 and 18. When I stopped by the Rainbow Gallery room, Sally gave me these samples: Pink (SP26), Black (SP01), and Purple (SP22). I can't wait to use them. Thanks to Rainbow Gallery for their wonderful array of threads. I really appreciate their thread kit donations for the Fraidy Cat class, too.

I also visited with Anne from Gloriana Threads. She has samples of her newest Gloriana Silk Floss including: Jubie's Pink (#225), Jersey Shore (#224), Thistle Purple (#215), and Thistle Orange (#214). Anne was especially pleased with the new HOT PINK. Can you see it on either a Zecca canvas or an EyeCandy Needlearts canvas? I know I can.

Anne also gave me some of the new Florimell Silk Floss including: Jubie's Pink (#225), Holiday Green (#016), and Emerald Green (#226). It is a hand-dyed Soie d'Alger. Very nice. Thank you, Anne, for your wonderful threads and generosity with the Creepy Characters.

My last visit (geez... I sound like such a social butterfly!) was to Dream House Ventures. Linda had supplied the Soy Luster and the Baroque Silk for the Creepy Characters. I stopped by to say hello and thanks. I noticed the full display of Empress Elite Blend just inside the door. It is a wonderful blend of Ultra Fine Merino Wool, Cashmere, and Silk. (Can you say YUMMY?) Linda let me pick out a color to bring home with me. Decisions... decisions. I finally chose the Heliotrope (#8026) which was the same color as the Baroque Silk used in the Creeps.

The rest of the evening was spent with friends and more feasting. I'll spare the meal photos... this time, OK? Let's just say there was plenty! Teaching at Bedecked & Beadazzled on Sunday will be the next topic. Until then... thanks, Robin.

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