Friday, August 19, 2011

Jean Smith Designs and the Movies

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

My bags are unpacked and the laundry is done. Kittens have been hugged. I'm back home in Memphis.

Reflecting on my trip to Baltimore, I wanted to share a bit of Needlepoint News with you.

Jean Smith Designs attended the Fall Market Baltimore Show. I have had the chance to meet her at previous markets. She is a lovely lady. Very stylish and elegant. Jean had some fun news to share: her needlepoint canvases and stitched models will be used on the movie set of The Big Wedding. How cool is that! This bit of news was also printed on page 24 of the Needlework Retailer/Fall Market Preview issue (July/August 2011).

The Big Wedding has a tentative release date of October 2012. It is a Lionsgate Film with actors including Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace and Ben Barnes. Susan Sarandon's character is an avid needlepointer. This movie was written and directed by Justin Zackham (The Bucket List) and is being filmed in Connecticut.

Finally! Some needlepoint/product prominent placement! What took them so long?

Jean Smith is known for her large florals designs...

And her fruit designs...

She also has nice children designs...

Several years ago, Vicky R., from Memphis, attended my Saturday canvas enhancement classes and her project was one of the Jean Smith Designs rug, Friendly Beasts Rug. It measures 46" W x 34" H on 10 mesh. Affectionately, Vicky called it "The Big Guy"; now finished, it lives with her daughter and grandchildren. (Lucky grandchildren!)

Many needlepoint shops are now having "movie nights" where they invite their customers to sit/stitch and watch a movie. Seems like The Big Wedding will be a natural fit... oh, and then, have a Jean Smith Designs Trunk show, too. (OK... the seeds have been planted.)

Again, congratulations to Jean Smith. You can see her designs on her website, Jean Smith Designs and then order them from your LNS.

Thanks, Robin

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  1. Hurrah for Jean and her designs! We will put this movie on our Must See list here in CH (distance to nearest movie theatre--37 miles or 45 minutes travel time).


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