Friday, August 12, 2011

Be sure to try the Crab Cakes!

Hi Everybody... Robin here... in Baltimore.

The flight from Memphis to Baltimore was bumpy but that didn't stop me from making Bullion Knots. I brought this Kathy Schenkel piece, "Mummy & Spider" as one of my travel pieces. Needlepoint Study Hall readers might remember it was mostly finished except for the Spider. Here's the link to Mr. Mummy goes to Nashville.

I think the Frosty Rays Spider Legs look nice. His body is stitched with Fuzzy Stuff. I changed up the original design to give him a red smiling mouth and pumped up the volume for his eyes. Remember... it's all about the EYES.

Team Deeva arrived at the hotel and finding a dinner location was next on the agenda. Greg, the Deeva's husband, picked a fabulous restaurant, G&M Restaurant and Lounge. OMG. What a night. It was packed; you could tell it was the place to be.

Our waitress recommended the crab cakes, and I am glad she did. I got a single crab cake (bigger than my fist, it was!) with cole slaw and french fries on the side. The bar has now been set for the ultimate crab cake. YUM.

Here's a pic of Vicky De Angelis, Judee/NeedleDeeva and me. Team Deeva is in the House. Let's get this show started. More to come... from Baltimore. Thanks, Robin

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  1. Creepy legs! I like them a lot. Those eyes, those legs, that little red mouth! I am going to have nightmares about that spider tonight.

    Hope today goes smoothly and you are ready to rock tonight!


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