Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creepy Characters helpers

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I have helpers. Good kitten helpers.

Lana and Leo are assessing the small Halloween Tree selected to travel to Baltimore for display in the NeedleDeeva room at TNNA/Fall Market. I also found my ORANGE mini-lights and my PURPLE mini-lights for decorating the display window. Plus, I am bringing my favorite Black Feather Wreath to also display the Creeps. I'll be posting photos once things are decorated.

The Ghost and the Skeleton arrived from the finishers yesterday. Once again, the workmanship from Elizabeth Turner Collection in Lexington, KY is awesome. All of my Creepy Characters are with me and ready to travel. Here is a quick photo of them. Both are stitched with the Neon Rays Plus NP300 Glow in the Dark. I'll be teaching the Skeleton at Ruth Schmuff's shop, Bedecked & Beadazzled, on Sunday. Looking forward to that experience, for sure.

My suitcase is packed. Carry-on bag is manageable. NOW, it's time to figure out what stitching to bring for airplane traveling. I will go through my other works in progress to see what is small enough for the trip. (Sure do with I had another Creepy Character to work on; they are just the right size.)

Here's one last photo. Pat took the pix of Leo and surprised me with it. He said, "Here's one you didn't know about." So true. I think it's one of my favorites. That's all for now. Next time it will be from Baltimore. Thanks, Robin


  1. I love Bones! But then I knew I would--Robin stitched it!

    The kittens are hilarious. I am sure you are having great fun with them. Too bad they can't go to Baltimore with you. Better check your suitcase just before you leave, in case one is hiding inside (my mother's dog used to do this as she hated being left behind).

    Have fun and travel back to us safely.

  2. Your kitties are as photogenic as your Creepy Characters! Have fun in Baltimore. I'd love to both take your class and see Bedecked and Bedazzled!


  3. Those kitties are just adorable, I wish you culd bring them with you. Looking forward to meeting you and "Bones" - now we're stuck with the name :) He's very charismatic.
    Have a safe trip, see you Sunday


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