Friday, August 5, 2011

Elliot Stitch

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I have the printer revving at high RPMs; printing the Creepy Characters stitch guides. I am bringing them with me to Baltimore for the TNNA Fall Market Cash & Carry. The Shop Owners are anxious to get the Creeps in their hands for their customers.

As I was reviewing each stitch guide, I came across the Elliot Stitch. Needlepoint Study Hall readers encouraged me to name a stitch after Elliot; this is the one I chose. It is on the light purple background for the Spider Queen (ND 0467-D). It is a nice stitch to use when there are dots with 2 canvas intersections between them.

Elliot Stitch - step 1

Elliot Stitch - step 2

Elliot Stitch - step 3

I'll be posting some of the "behind the scenes" stitching photos of each Creepy Character... beginning with The Pumpkin. And, did you know the Creepy Characters have their own Facebook page? Here's the link... Like them, won't you?  Creepy Characters 2011 by NeedleDeeva

The Creepy Characters are being offered as a monthly series but they can also be purchased individually. Once you stitch one... you just can't stop. I know I had the best time.

Speaking of The Pumpkin (ND 0467-A), NeedleDeeva will begin shipping August 15 the first wave of Creepy Characters to the Participating Retailers. Time to reload the printer and check on the ink levels. I'll be back soon.

Thanks, Robin


  1. Robin

    I like the Elliot Stitch. Thanks for sharing and bet I use it soon.

    Sue V

  2. Thanks, Sue. It's a nice little background stitch. Enjoy. Robin


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