Friday, April 2, 2010

Reunited...and it feels so good!

Stirha and Frank are together again.  At least they are in my home.  How many of you have hosted their reunion in your homes?  They are really crazy about each other.  Amy tells us they have "loving nicknames for each other...Adam and Eve".

The background on Frank is skip tent, and it stitches up so fast.  Here is a tip.  Use a small needle for the skip tent background.  You don't want to open up the holes any more than necessary.  I used a Bohin 28.  I would have used a 26 if I had one.  You would not believe how many needles I have, and no size 26!

And once again Amy has beautifully charted the face.  Remember to refer to her diagram rather than stitching by the color on the canvas.  I am not there yet, but I learned on Stirha's face and hands to use the diagram.

Here is a final look at Amy's version of Stirha Cal-Dron.  The beads are so much fun.


  1. Frank showed up at my place today!!!He's gorgeous!! My box had other goodies I had ordered as well- I just love boxes from Amy!! I'm still working on the house, so Stirha & Frank are relaxing with Katt right now, in my new clear Amy zippered bag. I need to get Stirha on stretcher bars & started so I can tote her around in the bag and show her off!!

  2. I think Frank is kind of cute. LOVE the Skip Tent stitch. I was taught well... by Amy B, her very self. It is a wonderful stitch to use.

  3. Barbi,

    Don't forget to refer to old posts to get tips on Stirha and Frank when you are working on them.

  4. Frank is here!!!! He is quite suave and did Stirha eyes light up. I have to get my color copy today so I can get him on bars. Ugh...I want to start and know I have to take him on a journey first. Cloudy in sunny Calif today so it is a good day to get started. Lots of new tips and techniques....Amy has been a busy gal and are we being challenged. Happy Easter to all and happy stitching.


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