Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kelly's Pear Club

I am so excited about a new needlepoint club from Kelly Clark. It is designed for beginner and intermediate stitchers. It is offered thru many needlework shops throughout the country. Kelly's Pear Club will offer a series of -guess what- 12 pears, with a Christmas theme. It starts June 2010. Needless to say, it will not be as difficult as the Halloweenies series. So you guys who read this blog and think Halloweenies is too hard for you, check out the pear series. I urge you to support your LNS. If you don't have one near by, choose from the list on Kelly's website. I am seriously considering joining the club through Amy's Golden Strand. Like I need more canvases... I can't quote any prices here but the shops should be getting more information in shortly. Call a shop to inquire. If I stitch them, I will include coverage of my progress here.

Next up for me on the Halloweenies is Frank's face. It is done in silks, and is beautifully charted out in the stitch guide. I will start tonight when I can have some serious stitching time without interruptions.

Happy stitching.

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