Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glad Press 'n Seal info

Hi Everybody ... Robin here.
I was reading some of the posted comments, and had a wee-bit of information to contribute.

Regarding the Glad Press 'n Seal technique Amy used in the Halloweenies: I haven't done it myself. However, I did watch her use the technique during DVD #5, Fancy Flowers. Amy used the Glad Press 'n Seal during her Appliqu├ęd Felt method for Flower #1. Perhaps reviewing the DVD might further help with the Halloweenies Stitch Guide? Just pop the DVD into your computer, and advance to the Glad Press 'n Seal Demo for a quick look-see.

I looked up Glad Press 'n Seal on the Glad website, and it does seem to be available in both USA and Canada. Here's a photo to help you find it in your grocery store.

Well, hope that helps. Thanks, Robin


  1. uh oh....
    What do those of us who don't have the DVD do? Could you just give us a little tutorial on here?
    I've also checked my nearby store and they don't seem to stock it. eeeep! two strikes.

    Jan Stone

  2. Robin

    Thanks so much...I have the DVD and guess I forgot that part...opps. You saved the day and solved the mystery.

    Sue VanderNoor


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