Monday, April 5, 2010

Bottom Border of Frank N. Stein

I've jumped to the bottom border which is stitched in Reverse Mosaic.  I stitched the first squares with the canvas straight up.

For the reverse I've turned the canvas 1/4 so that I can still lay my threads easily.  Try it.  It will look smoother.


  1. HA! Frank has arrived in Canada.
    Unfortunately, he had a slight mishap in transport. I came home today after an appointment to find him tucked inside the fridge!!! Apparently my son had received the package and read some print on the side of the box which said it held perishables and should be refrigerated! Poor Frank... such a change of climate from the warm weather of Memphis to a Canadian refrigerator. Well, he is now cozied up with Stirha (she's keeping him warm) and I am reading the stitch guide to get ready.

    Tell the girls at the shop they did a great job in packaging!


  2. OMG. That is so funny about the refrigerator. Poor guy. He must be so relieved to see Stirha.

  3. I actually think it's a great idea to keep Frank "on ice". Some of his recent additions, such as his hands, look like they might swell a bit. LOL!


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