Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I finished the jacket and started the pants...three times.  If anyone has any tips on the pants, please share.  I will begin again tomorrow.  Grr....


  1. I'm not sure if this is the kind of tip you're looking for with the pants, Peggy, but I finally threw in the towel on the Plaited Gone Wrong stitch and switched to a vertical brick stitch (Not sure if that is the correct name but it's the vertical version of the horizontal brick stitch). I spent three evenings trying to get the plaited stitch figured out and just couldn't. I don't know if it was the dark thread or what, but it defeated me. My new stitch went quickly and I think it looks quite nice. Frank's clothing has been very challenging - which I enjoy! I've moved on to the pumpkin which has its own challenges as well. I'm interested to hear how everyone else has done with the plaited stitch. Good luck!!

  2. Thanks so much Melinda. I must admit I am having a hard time with it. I am trying it out on a 14 count canvas right now. I just can't get the repeat in my head. I am working in the shop tomorrow and if Amy is in, I will ask for advise and pass it on.

  3. I too am having a challenging time with the plaited gone wrong stitch-I am on my third try. If I don't get it this time I am moving on to another stitch. It seems to go a little better in natural light-that's my only suggestion. Please let me know if Amy has some helpful hints.

  4. Melinda, I admire your discipline! any tips for staying "caught up"? Do you set a goal to finish, or alot a certain time frame to stitch?

    I am thinking I need to make an appointment with myself and perhaps go to BN to stitch. when I am home the pup wants my attention, or I feel I need to do the never ending housework!

    I am still only on the background of Frank. I am not sure whether to just finish Stirha, or continue on Frank. I almost think I should continue stirha so I will have completed something??

    peggy, seems we need "the amy" to help us....

  5. Glad to know I wasn't the only one that couldn't figure out the pattern. I had to rip out and restart 6 times before the pattern sank in. ( I think I called Amy a few not nice names during that time.) The hardest part was seeing the compensating stitches! It looks good (well I think it looks good) I finally saw the stitch as an "outside in - long armed cross - with variations" :)

    Good luck.



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