Sunday, April 25, 2010


There is a new comment that will not post correctly so I am posting it here for all to see.  It is a positive response to the pants.  See it below:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Frank's pants":

I just finished the pants, after ripping the first row a few times, I got into a grove and it wasn't too bad. Follow the stitch guide carefully, have plenty of quiet and lots of sun.

I agree the look is great.

Any tips on the jacket? I am having problems seeing the pattern. 

If you have tips please jump in.  I remember having to concentrate on the jacket stitch, but it went smoothly.  Turn your canvas by 1/4 to stitch the right side of the jacket. That allows you to continue to stitch from lower left to upper right.  Also, I think the jacket on our canvases are painted differently than Amy's was, but it still works as it is an old worn-out jacket.

I have finished the green and orange border and most of the cat.  The cat is quite a collage.  I love the way the extra stitches on the ears, which I haven't done yet, makes the cat look startled.  

I hope you are all doing well.  We have another week to work on Frank.  Notice I didn't say "finish"!
Remember, works in progress.  


  1. Peggy, I also finished the pants today. True follow guide closely and it went well. I waited to do all the compensating stitches until after completing all my horizontial rows so that I didn't confuse my path and that helped.

  2. That's great. Maybe I am suffering from "Stitchers Block". I'm doing other areas, but will return to the pants.


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