Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey! I'm back...

I have resumed work on Frank.  When I left off, I had done most of his T-shirt.  However I was not happy with the top of it where it meets the collar.  So as you see below, I took out the stitches to contemplate my next move.

Then it occurred to me to take the collar stitches out, and then stitch the top of the T-shirt, and then stitch the collar over the top of the stitches.

Ta Dah!  It looks nice.  Stitch order can be important!

I kept two needles with the two purple threads going at the same time.  It was easy, and it makes the T-shirt look real.  Frank probably went to a Thrift Shop for such a nice T-shirt.  But his jacket is gonna be really ragged.  It is a fun stitch that I have never seen before.  And using an overdyed thread along with a solid is fun to play with.  Keep two needles going on this part too.

By the way,  take a minute and go to the page of the stitch guide referring to Frank's cat.  Write in that the cat's whiskers are stitched in Kreinik Braid size 4, color #101...same as Rhett's.

Happy stitching.


  1. welcome back peggy! I have been "of duty" while working on another project, and then was ill. I am anxious to get back to stitching!

    Thanks for the t-shirt tip!

  2. Welcome back Peggy!! We have missed you and stitching is not the same without you!

    I feel more optimistic already-- :)


  3. Hi Cindy,

    What a wonderful thing to say! I am happy to be stitching again. The husband is still sick, but he is at the point that he can entertain himself. I am working on Frank's jacket today. My goal is to at least finish the overall stitch today.

  4. Hooray! You're back! Hope your husband is feeling better. Then you get some more time to stitch!

    I moving along with Frank, have finished his clothes... the pants were a brut! I ripped them out about 6 times before the pattern clicked in and I managed to get them done. I'm going to sit down and produce 8 fingers and 2 thumbs today. Wish me luck!

    Thank you for the whisker update. I couldn't find a reference anywhere. Pussycat is almost done.

    Happy stitching!

    PS I just got an email saying my next kit is on the way. EEEEEp.

  5. Hi Jan,

    Have you got any tips on the pants? If it weren't for the shading the jacket would be so easy. But it is worth the work. (I ripped part of the jacket.)

  6. Peggy

    Welcom back and glad hubby is a little better. I have a question,,,are we to stitch the canvases according to the order that the stitch guide is presented or move around as we feel like stitching...top to bottom or bottom to top? Just curious.

    Sue V

  7. Hi Sue,

    The guide is not written in the order to stitch. You can move around. For example, early on with Frank I moved down to the row with the small pumpkins and worked the purple background because I wanted something simple that I did not have to count. And with the T-shirt, I realized it was better to stitch the top of the shirt before the collar, even thought the collar was covered first in the guide. So move around, especially if there is a stitch that interests you.

  8. Peggy, not tips for the pants here. It was a hit or miss thing. I finally looked at it as a wacky long armed cross... it isn't but it helped me see the pattern.

    And I agree about the order of the guide. In retrospect it would have been easier to do the background at the end. Beginning and ending the threads would have been easier, tucked into the back of the stitched clothing. The other reason I skip thru the stitch guide is that I'm intimidated by the hands and feet. ;) I'm avoiding them till the end.


  9. Yeah Peggy! Great to have you back and posting. It has been lonesome and a bit scary in the dungeon alone with Frank!

    He is coming alone nicely at my house. Pants (totally tricky), shirt, face, and most of the bottom boarder completed with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

    I have one request. Is it possible to post a picture of Amy's completed Frank in the body of your next post? On my Apple computer, I am able to enlarge the photo which is useful for reference if I'm working on a different area of the canvas than you are discussing. I know there is one off to the side of the blog, but that one seems static.

    Best to all my fellow mad scientists!


  10. Hi Lisa,

    Go back go my post of March 22 and there is a good picture of Frank for you. Scroll to the bottom of this page to Blog Archive. Open up March and click on the entry for March 22 named Frank. That should do it for you.

    I have heard bad things about the pants. They are next for me.

    Have fun.


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