Thursday, April 1, 2010

April first

Well here it is the first of April and I am still putting beads on Stirha. But I am please with my progress. I need to finish the beads and make the fire and the logs. But I am going to set her aside tomorrow and start on Frank. He is just so darn cute. The stitch guide is just great, so I must get on it.

I am happy to report on the Bead Explosion Kit we featured a few months ago. Sundance has released the kit with all of the bead tubes labeled. The lack of labels is the one thing I disliked about the kit that I saw from market. So thanks to Cassandra and Nandra of Sundance Designs. This will help me learn more about the kinds of beads that are out there and the effect they may have in our needlework. I will try to work this project in to my schedule this month! That's another reason to get to work on Frank, (and finish Stirha).

Happy Stitching.


  1. Oh Peggy ... won't you please post one more photo before you move onto Frank? Susan and I have worked so hard to catch up this month and are so close to being finished! However, it would be great to see how you treated a few items like the crows wings, Stirah's hair, and those dreaded billions!


  2. Lisa, I haven't done the bullions yet. They will be on all of the figures so I want to perfect them before adding them. I will post Amy's finished Stirha on my next post. Don't worry about being behind. We will catch up!


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