Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glad Press 'n Seal: the Tutorial

Hi Everybody ... Robin here.

After some careful nudging, I am going to go out on a limb and further describe the Glad Press 'n Seal technique as seen in DVD #5, Fancy Flowers. This is a wonderful method for holding your paper pattern in place while cutting out the piece of Felt; making it fun & easy to Appliqu├ęd Felt to your needlepoint.

The first photo, from DVD #5, shows Amy with a piece of Felt, a paper pattern, and the Glad Press 'n Seal covering them up.

The second photo shows the newly cut piece of Felt. The Glad Press 'n Seal held the paper pattern in place onto the Felt, and was thin enough for precision cutting.

Jan had a question: What if I can't find Glad Press 'n Seal, what else could I use? I would suggest Clear Contact Paper, or Clear Wide Sealing Tape. The idea is to use something to hold the paper pattern down onto the felt while you concentrate on the cutting.

(UPDATE 04-14-10: Amy really, really wants people to try to find the Glad Press 'n Seal because she said my 2 alternative suggestions both have a down side of the glue gunk getting on possibly the scissors, at best and the fabric, at worst. "Tell them to really make an effort to get the Press 'n Seal for that technique if they can." Sorry! Robin)

This technique is seen in DVD #5. There are many more techniques & tricks by Amy Bunger in the Fancy Flowers DVD; I don't think I spoiled the ending. Hope this helps. Thanks, Robin


  1. Thank you so much Robin!! That makes things so much clearer! I've been puzzling this out for days. I totally understand now. Brilliant.

    Now ... off to Walmart to see if they have stock there.


  2. Dye our muslim in a cup of coffee??? I picked up on this from another comment. Too bad there's no universal sign for eyes popping out.

    Seriously, though, not much about Frank has bothered me so far. I've done applique work from way back, so maybe that helps. Also, I have not tackled the pants yet.

    It was Stirha that gave me fits. I have not finished her yet. She has been banished to her cave to think about how nicely she should be treating me.


  3. Amy DOES make us stretch. I don't even drink coffee. But I will be making some now. The husband will probably think I am nuts.

    Thanks for the GREAT pictures Robin. I bought some Press N Seal several weeks ago, but now I can't find it.

    I'm catching up! I've done Franks hair and am working on the sweater tonight.

  4. Press 'n Seal not hard to find in downtown Toronto...Lisa and I are ready for this exercise!!!


  5. Thanks for the mini demonstration on the press n seal technique and the tempting preview into the DVD's available. I have Amy's cookbooks and will now look for these.


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