Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frank's nose

Linda just asked about Frank's nose.  It is outlined with the same thread used in his other facial lines.  Follow the picture for placement.

I am hopelessly behind on Frank.  But I think we all are.  So I will report on progress when I make some.  I will start on the second phase of the house next week for all of you who are stitching the house only.  Please feel free to ask any questions.  Even if I have not stitched the area in question, I will get an answer for you.


  1. Frank looks, well, interesting. I can't call him handsome but his face has character. Love his hair, his beetle brow and of course the screws that hold his head to his neck.


    Thanks for sharing. He really is amazing to see come alive with stitches.

  2. I have a feeling that I'm going to be adding a lot to my 'unfinished stash' box... (room actually) So far I am up to date on the house... didn't start Stirha... and am 3/4's finished Frank and have stalled. Now I'm going away for a Stitcher's Getaway for my local shop this weekend.... and Part 2 of the house arrives next week. GAAAAAH!

    I think I need a new house to store my goodies.

  3. Peggy,

    Will you please let us know if the nose is to be done with a fly stitch or a series of stem stitches?


  4. Hi Lisa,

    Work stem stitches on the sides of the nose. It looks like there are several layers of the dark stitch right under the nose. I'll have to check with Amy on that area.

    I'll get back to you on it.


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