Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tips for Stirha's belt

Stitch the belt in this order:  First stitch the gold buckle following diagram 17.  Look under the green crescent diagram at how the area is done in basketweave.  Part of the buckle is covered up by her leg.  I had to go in and put in more dress on the right side of the buckle, covering up a couple of gold intersections.  Second, stitch the black part of the belt.  Here it is with these two steps done.   

Third, stitch the crescent stitch as shown in Diagram 17.  I learned all of this the hard way by stitching the belt buckle as painted.  If you want the crescent to come out right you need to basketweave the gold under it as charted in Diagram 17, under the crescent numbers and lines.
I sure hope this makes sense and you don't end up stitching it and then ripping it out like I did.  (Loss of valuable time!)  I think Amy's is a lot prettier than mine, but that's life.  I may have pulled mine too tight.  Try not pulling real tight and I bet your's will look great.  The crescent is really fun to make when the gold is done right to begin with!  I used a size 24 Chenille needle to do the crescent.

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  1. Great tips, Peggy. Knowing the hows/whys of the Belt perspective really helps. Looks good.


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