Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Great Hat

Well I have gotten a little more done on Stirha.  I stitched the brim of her hat and the orange band on the hat with the little gold things. I love the overdyed thread we are using here.  Take your time with the gold attachments.  I did it twice as I wasn't pleased with it the first time.  Make sure to use a chenille needle.  Keep Stitching!


  1. What a pretty orange thread! I like the hat stitch but I am in love with this thread. What is it, do you know?

    Jane, who normally turns her nose up at Orange so this is Big--LOL

  2. It's DMC cotton floss Color Infusions #4130.

  3. I love that thread also!

    I have done some beading because we are heading to CO. the colors of the beads are spectacular.

    Stirha will be coming with me!

  4. Thank you, Peggy.

    Jane, writing down the thread on my Must Buy List


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