Monday, March 29, 2010

Frank is on the way

Get ready!  He's coming your way.  Yes, some of you will be receiving the next Halloweenie character in a matter of days.  Please remember to make a good color copy of the canvas before you mount it on bars.  I think he measures 10 X 14.  So check out your stretcher bar stash.  Please read the entire guide before you begin.  Amy has not necessarily written the guide in stitch order.  Though I will start with the background as she has written first.  I think one of the coolest things about this canvas is what Amy has done with the cat.  We will talk about it as the month of April progresses.  I'm anxious to hear what you guys think about her clever idea.

I have fallen a bit behind on Stirha.  I am off the next two days and I will get as much done as I can in those two days.  But I won't let that make me hold off on starting Frank.  You guys do the same.  If you can, go on and mount up Frank because there may be some fun stitches you would enjoy doing.  We will be using a lot of the threads we have been using on Stirha.  You should keep the threads for the house separate as they will reoccur on the house and not the characters.

One more thing.  The printed guide is 12 pages long.  Then the diagrams start on a page you have two page 11's and two page 12's.  NOT TO WORRY.  It is not a problem.  Amy never refers to page numbers, just to diagram numbers.  So don't let this be a concern.

I'm off to work on the beads.  Happy stitching!


  1. Thanks for the heads up, Peggy

    More stitching and more fun I think Frnk is going to be alot of fun. Can hardly wait to see him. I think Stirha is looking for him not sure...I guess I should give her lips. :)

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. Frank arrived on my doorstep last night. I put him on the stretcher bars and read a little of the stitch guide. There's a lot to read in this one! Many more challenges coming our way this month from what I can see. Have fun everyone!


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