Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shading the dress.

Hello,  I hope you all are enjoying our project.

I have finished the dress except for the outline stitches between her arms and down her knee.  The first time I thought I had finished the dress I took a long look at it and realized that the arms seemed to merge together.  See the first photo at left.  Look at her wrists to see what I mean.  So I took out the dark thread and replaced it with the lighter.  What a difference a few stitches make.  The whole arm moves forward now in the next photo.

When I add the outline stitches between the arms they will have even more definition.  So play with the colors as you go.  With the way the canvas is painted, and Amy's expert tips, we can give Stirha some nice arms.  I wonder if hers jiggle like mine do now.  What's up with that!

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  1. Boy, Peggy. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your tips. I do study each one carefully and I'm sure others do as well. Keep up the great work!!



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