Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Golden Lights

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I have really enjoyed stitching my Floating Cat. My bountiful Stash has been helpful right from the start.

The first thing I tackled was the Cityscape. Different shiny yellows & golds were selected to convey the windows' perspective to the viewer. Crystal Braid, Neon Rays, Hi-Lights and RibbonFloss were used. Why so many different threads you might ask?

Remember Jane/Chilly Hollow's blog entry, Candy Cane Dog Stocking: Emphasizing What's Important and her quote from Melissa Shirley?
  • "Threads that come forward are shiny, lighter and warmer colors, and heavier in weight. Threads that recede are matte, cooler colors and thinner in weight."
I used the thinner Hi-Lights for a distant building; I used Neon Rays for a forward building. I also stitched in the (\) direction with the duller RibbonFloss for the building on the far right. Thanks, Jane & Melissa.

Then I looked at my Gray Ring o' Stash and found some wonderful Impressions for the Building Outlines and Antenna. The Red Light shining beacon was Neon Rays. The final result was just what I hoped for: a Cityscape all lit up.

I found a great Thread & Stitch for the Background... I'll share those with you next time.


  1. Neat! I am glad you are making such fast progress. I'm going to have to stitch like mad on Elmer the Candy Cane Dog to keep up with you.

    Does your cat have a name?

  2. very nice, robin!! thanks for sharing.


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