Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rocks and Cape

I have finished the rocks and started on the cape.  I love the stitch used on the cape, but it is hard to see using black thread on black canvas.  I know that Kathy and Melinda have completed that section.  Any tips Kathy or Melinda?  I put a white paper in my lap to help see the canvas better.  Some people put a light on the floor to help.  I am going to try going outside and using that wonderful natural light to go back and put in the Kreinik.


  1. The thing that helped me most when stitching black thread on black canvas was having my Ott lite directly over the canvas. Stitching in natural light wasn't an option since most of my stitching is done at night. Once I had the light set up correctly, my stitching went much more easily. Although I really don't want to admit it, having a little magnification over the hat and the cape might have been helpful as well.

  2. Hi Peggy,

    For the Kreinik, I don't actually see the holes. I just judge where the holes should be, and insert the needle there. It works for me, but perhaps not for others.

    Compensating the silk stitch was difficult because it was hard to see. I dropped down to where I was sure that I could place a complete horizontal stitch, then stitched that diagonal row of horizontal stitches, compensating as needed. I then went back and stitched the vertical part of the x for that row.. So, I guess, when it got hard, I did it row by row instead of completing each x individually. not sure if you can follow this, or if it helps!


  3. Thanks for the tips.

    Remember to use only one strand of Baroque silk. It is a three-ply thread.

  4. I just tried using an Ott light as Melinda recommended. It really makes a difference. I can actually see the canvas AND the thread, rather than a black blob! I have to confess I used magnification too.

    If you don't have an Ott light, try any kind of task light. (Even a flash light.) Whatever it takes.

  5. I have a Daylight Slimline Light (Amy has them on her website) and find it gives better light than the Ott light. I have not used my Ott Light since I got my Daylight light. The lighting is different from the Ott and it I find it to be a much brighter light. I was amazed how easy it was for me to stitch dark colors without any problems. Hope this is helpful.

  6. Thanks Linda. I have heard very good things about this light. I believe Jill has one and really likes it.

  7. Peggy:
    I tried using 1 strand of the Baroque silk for the hat and cape on the witch but I don't think it provides adequate coverage. Since it is 3 ply, should there actually be 3 strands of thread in the needle instead of 1? I am confused!!!

  8. I used only one strand. Yes, you can see some of the black canvas if you look closely. But I think two strands would be to much. And it would be hard to add the Kreinik if the Baroque was to thick. Have you added the Kreinik to the stitch yet? If not, add it and see what you think. You could change to 4 strands of black Splendor and see if you like the coverage better. I like the Baroque silk cuz it is bumpy when it is stranded to one thread. I hope this helps.


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