Saturday, March 27, 2010

Floating Cat - Background

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Here's an update on The Floating Cat. I finished the Background and the White Stars. I chose the Pavilion Steps stitch for the background, as seen in SuZy's Portable Stitches, page 40. I liked the movement of the stitch and hadn't used it before. Plus, I am still planning some drama for the Pumpkin Balloon and the Floating Cat. I used 2 strands of Needle Necessities Inc. 113 (from my stash) and stitched over the Balloon's String. I will put that in later.

The White Stars were Basketweave Stitches using Petite Sparkle Rays PS21, and the Outline of the Stars were Fly Stitches using Sprinkles 16. I probably don't need to mention that I have a "healthy" stash.

I am posting the charting of the Pavilion Steps for you to see; the regular way and my new favorite way. Here's my story. The other day I went into the local book store and saw some new Graph Paper. It is called Whitelines from Sweden, and it is a new writing paper which "brings out everything you write and draw. The novelty is that the lines are clearly visible without disturbing what you write, which a traditional writing paper with dark lines does."
Here's their website:

I purchased a binder of Whitelines Squared for myself. Love it. So this morning when I was charting the Pavilion Steps, I did so two ways: dark lines and White Lines. You can see for yourself the visual difference.

What's next? The Pumpkin Balloon. I have recommended the technique to many. It's time I do it for myself. Enjoy the day. 

Until the next time... Robin


  1. Now why do I have the feeling the good stuff (the pumpkin and the cat) are about to happen?!


    Thanks for the tip about White Lines. Looks like a new and interesting way to draw out stitches.

  2. Clever, the floating cat! I enjoy making irregularly shaped stars like we used to draw them as children - worked that way in YLI ribbon floss or even Kreinik metallic ribbon or braid, they are very very effective, and show up better than the basketweave - also stay in a "star shape."

  3. Jane, the Pumpkin is coming along fine. I wanted to make sure the ideas in my head actually worked! I will be showing a photo soon.

    Judy, it's funny: our "childhood" art remains with us into adulthood. Glad you are enjoying the Floating Cat. I am a fan of your Blog.


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