Friday, March 19, 2010

Bottom border of blocks and green background with spiders

Robin is right.  It was a wonderful day here in Memphis.  My stitching station affords me the pleasure of looking out into our backyard.  The daffodils are coming up around this garden figure made by my Mother-in-law.  Isn't it sweet?

I got a lot done today.  And still managed to get my husband to take me out for dinner.  I worked the bottom border.  This is another case of "ignore the painted canvas".  It is a fun and easy area to stitch.   I used a size 26 Bohin tapestry needle to stitch the green corners so as not to open the holes to much.   Then I  worked on the green background that houses the geckos.  I will make spiders tomorrow.

Below you will see my helpers.  I don't know if they are just sunning under the Daylight lamp or really interested in what I am doing.  On the left is Joel and on the right is Ethan (I believe you have met Ethan before).  They are named after the film makers, Joel and Ethan Cohen.  Sometimes Joel sticks his paw down to where I am stitching.  Ethan just sits and blinks his eyes.  They are otherwise known as "the boys".

Keep stitching!


  1. Well Peggy, my heart was starting to beat a little faster over the approaching Bullion knots. And, it appears there are lots of them!

    At my local LNS today I asked for advice. And they offered up a Bullion needle. It's 5 inches long, so apparently takes a lot of the frustration out of wrapping properly. I will let you know how it works!

    My Sammy says "hi" to Ethan and Joel too. He's pretty sure he's related to them, or that's what he insisted when he was peering over my shoulder last night.


  2. Cindy, please let us know about that needle. i am practicing on another canvas, with not so good results. I may have to do all of the bullion knots last. I want them to look very good and smooth. It's just something we haven't done a lot of, so we need to practice. What is your LNS?

  3. Peggy - My LNS is "To the Point" in Pleasanton, CA.

  4. Hi, Peggy - What a beautiful scene outside of your window! I'm enjoying a beautiful vase of daffodils on the table next to my stitching chair. I think Spring may very well be here to stay! On the subject of bullion knots, my success with them as been very sporadic. Stirha's fingers gave me trouble although I may leave them as they are since they make her fingers look more crooked and knarled than nice smooth bullions. I am very happy with the bullions for the gecko tails but today I have attempted three different times to stitch the bullions that outline the rat's ears. I have had to taken them out each time. I may save them for the very last and move on to the logs. Stirha's almost finished and she's looking forward to Frank's arrival.

  5. I had a lot of trouble with the bullions as well, but I found if I waited until the entire canvas was finished, removed the canvas from the stretchers and then worked the knots it was much easier. You can manipulate the canvas more and get the tension in the knot even. Just a suggestion.

  6. Thank you. You have given me renewed hope on the bullions. I will wait till the last for the bullions and try taking the canvas off to bars.


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