Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Starting on the dress.

As I said earlier, follow the chart for Stirha's face.  I have still not added the bullions for her jaw and nose as I need more practice there.

I have moved on to the dress because I love composite stitches.  The deal with the dress is you have to break it down into sections.  Amy's tip about how the dress drapes and how to change the pattern is very important.  After you put the "shadows" in, stitch each section separately.  I have put in the first step of the composite here.  The  painted green spots are not necessarily correct, so count them out from the diagram to set the cross stitch.
I will stitch the full composite stitch in the area under the belt and to the left of the solid orange lines first.        


After a couple of hours...here is the composite stitch for the section below the belt and to the left of the basketweave break in the pattern.  Don't get to caught up in the shading.  It will turn out pretty no matter what you do.  That is the fun of overdyed threads.

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