Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hi Guys

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days.  I plan to start stitching Stirha's face tonight, and hope to put in a lot of time on it tomorrow.  I can't believe it is closing in on the middle of the month.  I want to say hello to Barbara in Scarsdale NY.  I spoke with her on the phone in the shop today.  Barbara, I wish you lived down here so you could attend my Tuesday "Needlepoint Study Hall" at the shop.  We work on what ever you bring in and need help with.  If ever you are in town, please come visit the shop.

We had two out-of-towners in the shop today, both here for the same convention, yet they didn't know each other.  We had another out-of-towner in at the same time and they bonded like old friends.  We stitchers think alike. They were talking about attending the ANG seminar and/or the Callaway Garden stitching event.  The class schedule for both events are up on the net.  I have attended neither but it sounds like fun.

Off to stitch!

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