Monday, January 25, 2010

You asked for them, and here they are!

Here are the "little coffins", waiting for their final items before shipment at the end of the week. They will contain the Haunted House canvas, a stitch guide for about 25% of the canvas, and a thread kit. This represents many hours of work. Kelly Clark designed and painted the canvas. Amy Bunger composed a stitch guide and stitched the canvas. Then Jill and others made lists and ordered the threads and stretcher bars.

Here they are with most of the supplies and everyones order form inside. Jill is VERY organized. And there are a couple of little surprises in the box for each recipient as well. It won't be long now.


  1. One of those boxes is mine and I am so excited!

    Anne Bloom

  2. Your right, little coffins!! LOL May I ask how many people are taking the home study coursae? I see alot of little boxes.. Many thanks to Jill for all her work and we are all excited and can hardly wait. Oh boy, threads, new canvas and a surprise...doesn't get any better than that

    Sue VanderNoor

  3. Ooooh! Bodies everywhere! Thank you for the fascinating glimpse into the morgue, ah, shop.

    Jane, smiling and waving from cold and windy and overcast Chilly Hollow

  4. I'm sooooo excited to be apart of the Halloweenies family. I can't wait for my coffin to arrive. (Never thought I'd be saying those words!!!!) Thanks for the sneek peek inside the cemetary!!!
    Karen Wolkenberg

  5. Soon it will be Halloween at my house all year long and I can hardly wait! Many thanks in advance to all those involved with putting this project together. I'm looking forward to joining everyone in Study Hall - see you soon!


  6. The end of the week cannot arrive soon enough. Cannot wait to put the first shingle in the roof.
    I love surprises! The boxes really do look coffins. Thank you Jill and everyone else who worked so hard to get the kits together.

  7. ohh, I'm scared!! A haunted house is coming my way! what fun!!

  8. What a wonderful idea! They look great!


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