Friday, January 29, 2010

Preparing to start

I have received my Haunted  House canvas and have taken great care in mounting it on Evertite stretcher bars.  If you are new to Evertites, please read the instructions included with the bars.  A key to know you are getting it right is that the Evertite logo on each bar should be facing inside. The pictures in the directions are very helpful.  It is important to mount the canvas straight horizontally and vertically.  So I found the center of each side and matched it with the center line marked on the bars.

Make sure the screws are all the way flush with the wood before you start tacking or stapling. Once the canvas is tacked onto the bars, I usually give each screw two or three turns.  Keep the tension even by giving each side the same number of turns.  I think you will really enjoy the Evertites.  When your canvas gets loose, just turn the screws to stretch it out again.  Make sure to tighten evenly so you don't get the canvas out of square.

So I am ready to begin.  I hope to keep a few steps ahead of those stitching Halloweenies in order to encourage them to stay current.  So I will start with the shingles tonight.   It is so exciting to finally be starting this Home Study project.  I hope you can join us.


  1. Go Peggy... Go Peggy! The anticipation on this project is as thick as Stirha Cal-Dron's special brew. Great Evertite posting. I'll be checking often.

  2. Thank you Robin, for helping me set up this blog. And thanks for being an ongoing part of it.
    She taught me everything I needed to know!

  3. I got my package and am so tickled! It looks great!

  4. Hi Peggy,

    I am ready to start stitching. I will work on the mortar tonight. Hope to get most if it done.
    Will keep you posted.

  5. Hi Linda,
    It doesn't take long to do the mortar. Employ the tip of skipping stitches to work in and out of corners.

  6. Peggy

    I looked for my "little coffin" Not here yet but am ready to begin when it arrives. Until then, will watch your progress and enjoy the tips. Happy Amy didn't know how much excitement there was going to be.

    Sue VanderNoor

  7. Peggy -- thanks so much for the helpful instructions you have posted already. Like a mind reader!! I will establish a Google account shortly. I must have opened the front door about five times on Friday looking for my little coffin. Not here yet! But gives me some more valuable time to work on my other three canvas clubs. :)

    Cindy Chalfant

  8. I hope everyone gets their coffin tomorrow. I am working on the roof. I will show how a color challenged person keeps her overdyed threads straight.

  9. Mine arrived yesterday but I just keep staring at it, wanting to make a color copy of it before I start. Can't do that til Monday but I'm sure I'll break down and start stitching first!


  10. I'm working on the roof tonight hoping to knock out all of the outlining this weekend. So happy this arrived in time for the weekend! Peggy, thanks for being our study hall leader and I look forward to hearing about everyone's progress.


  11. Hi Melinda, I couldn't find any place to make a color copy. Well, one place wanted $50. They made me a couple of black and whites. Then I just took lots of color pictures that I will use for reference. I'm sure you can get the outlining done quickly. Then be sure to read all of the great tips before you do the shingles. Have fun!

  12. Oh, my! How in the world am to keep up with you guys? It's not motivation or excitement that is my problem...I have plenty of desire. it's just...well...I brought a new -baby?- sorta, a new puppy home yesterday, and he is such an adorable, soft and gorgeous little guy!! I didn't mean to, but since I was a child, I have been bringing home pups. this one just happens to have a pedigree that came with him---his name? we tried other names out on him, but ultimately, the name the breeder picked has stuck: "gus" actually Augustus, but "gus" to us. (I had no interest in that name initially!) Named after augustus from lonesome dove.

    those who read my blog know we lost our jack russell tragically new year's day. Missed him so much, that a jack russell pup seemed to be what the Dr. ordered. figure out how to stitch without having him chew my threads. I may have discovered a new stash reduction method!!!

    Way down here in texas, awaiting my coffin (ha!!),

  13. What I have done in making color copies is to use the Fed Ex/kinko's regular color copier, moving the piece so I ultimately get images on several pages of the whole thing. Then use their paper cutter to cut off where necessary, because you might have too much overlap, and fit the pieces together. Tape them together, with wide invisible scotch tape.

    If you want one big sheet, try an office reproduction store, but be warned, it goes through a feeder, and costs more.

    It is easy!

  14. Peggy, You have a jump start on those of us awaiting coffins! Keep up the great work, and I will be watching the study hall for all your tips. Maybe my prize will arrive tomorrow ;)

  15. Fortunately, since I work from home, I have a color copier (a small one!)and I just keep repositioning the canvas until I have copies or all sections of the canvas.

    I see that there are several color changes/stitch changes throughout the shingles. Amy's suggestion to plan them out is a good one. That's my task this afternoon.

    Last night, the Miss America pageant kept me company as I stitched. I hadn't watched it in years! It was surprisingly better than I remembered. Your Miss Tennessee was lovely.

    Kathy - you have your hands full with your "baby" - what fun! So sorry about the loss of your other Jack Russell but happy to hear that this new puppy will help fill that empty place in your heart. Keep the needlepoint off the floor!

    Melinda - who signed into Google but whose name still doesn't show up as it should.

  16. Melinda,

    What kind of Google account did you sign up for? I didn;t make it clear to sign up for a blogger account. Go here:


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