Thursday, January 7, 2010

Road Trip

Amy, Robin and Jill are heading to market.  Robin will teach and Jill will shop.  Amy reports on the Halloweenies characters who are joining them on their trip.  
“Stirha, Frank, and Dr. Acula are all packed for their trip to California in first class...they are so excited.  Although Stirha is still grumbling about having to ride in the back of the plane on the way home.  Frank, bless his heart, doesn’t care, he’s just so excited to “be there” and the Dr. says that he will sleep the whole way so it matters not which end of the plane he’s in.”  
I think they are going to audition some new threads that Amy will look for at TNNA market.  

Check out their full name on Amy’s website: 

Kelly Clark and Amy have come up with some new twists on old scary names. This will be a fun journey for everyone.

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  1. I LOVE seeing the pictures of the Characters for our Halloweenies home study!!! I must confess, I have never really gotten excited about Halloween canvases before, but I signed up because I liked the Nativity figures so much. Kelly has really done a fantastic job, and from the stitched pieces Amy and Robin have done, this looks wunderfuuul!!! ---can't wait! I love the roof tiles on the house!!

    As for Frank, I am not sure he will fit in one seat in coach class. I hope Amy purchased two tickets for his return trip home!! and, I have a feeling the Dr. likes to imbibe a bit---watch him!!!



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