Wednesday, January 20, 2010

11 Days and Counting

Hello.  I had hoped to be blogging about Katt Z. Witch by now, but her arrival date has been pushed back.  So I thought I would share an ornament I stitched some time ago.  It is from Point of it all.  Isn't he cute?

I've used this time without Katt Z. Witch to actually finish two, yes two projects. They are both Santas, and they have been sent off to the finishers.  I will share them with you when they come back.

I 'm counting down the days till the Haunted House canvas arrives.  There is a very short thread list for part one of the house, and they are all over-dyed.  Included is a wonderful over-dyed thread from Gloriana called Lorikeet.  Lorikeet is a 9 stranded wool which can be hard to strip.  Amy will share a tip to avoid that tangled mess that can happen when stranding Lorikeet.  We will talk about it when we get to that area on the front of the house.  Actually the stitch guide is chalked full of tips. They are often general stitching tips that will help you with this project as well as help you to develop good stitching habits.  Here is a good one.  Start this project with a new pack of needles.


  1. Love the halloween ornament. I am looking forward the Katt Z and the Halloween House. Looking forward to all the tips and stitching fun. Now, I must get that new package of needles...thanks for the tip

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. can't wait for the house with rusted pipes!!

  3. Good tip! I have acid hands so I make sure that I discard my needles after a project. I can't usually tell with my John James or Piecemakers needles but the gold and platinum needles I've been using lately show just how worn needles get when you use them. So I put the old needles away in a little bottle labeled OLD and toss them in February.

    By the way, I love your scaredy cat!


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