Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tap Dancing with Robin

Hi Everybody. Robin here... I'm going to be your "warm up act" until the Halloweenies Haunted House takes front & center stage.

Welcome to "Improv Night with Robin."

Jane/Chilly Hollow has begun a new needlepoint project: her "Camouflage Bra & Tap Pants" by SharonG... which got me thinking... I've got a Bra & Tap Pants by SharonG, too.

I looked through my stash, and there it was... the Kitty Bra & Tap Pants. (You knew it would either have a Cat theme or a Halloween, didn't you! I am nothing, but consistent.) Then I said, "I want to stitch along with Jane!"

The canvas was already on stretcher bars and a nice collection of threads were already in the bag. So, after daily obligations are met, I will treat myself (and you) to stitching the Kitty Bra & Tap Pants. This will be fun, and kudos to Jane/Chilly Hollow, enabler-extraordinaire!


  1. Thanks for the "Improv" Will enjoy watching you and Jane doing your Taps. I am going to stitch along with Jane on the Tony Project. Now, my question is when are we going to sleep? Whole lot of stitching going on...way cool!!!

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. Glad to see you in the "audience", Sue. Love this Needlepoint Study Hall venue. The headliner act, Haunted House/Halloweenies, is awesome. I've seen it in person. Enjoy the show! Robin

  3. NO SLEEP. We will either stitch, talk stitching, think stitching or stitch some more.

    By the way, Robin already had her kitty lingerie set, so I don't get any enabling points there and Sue has her Stars project ready so I don't get enabling points there. Sigh, guess I'll have to buy something myself!

    Wish I was kidding....

  4. Thanks Robin,

    I am enjoying the show along with everyone else. Iam sure the Haunted House is awesome...the pictures don't do it justice, I am sure. The Needlepoint Study Hall is great!!! What a neat way to keep informed and share ideas and brag a little. Love all the pictures I have seen of the Halloweenies. 2010
    is a great stitching year for us all. BTW, Halloween is a favorite of mine too!!

    Sue VanderNoor

  5. Thanks to everyone. It is my pleasure to send out a stitch or two especially when it is helpful for the viewer.


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