Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Since we are talking about beads...

Since we are talking about beads... I wanted to share something that was brought back from the TNNA market. It is a kit with lots of different sizes of beads. I really like it except the bead tubes are not labeled. The reason I want to stitch it is to learn more about bead sizes. The kit includes a piece of mono canvas and 13 tubes of beads, a beading needle and a spool of beading thread. Also included is a small amount of off-white thread. I think I would pick an overdyed thread to go with the beads provided.

The kit is from Sundance Designs and designed by Cassandra Prescott and Nandra Hotchkiss. I have sent an email to Sundance to see about labeling the bead tubes. It looks like a good little project for people like Sue and myself, who haven't had much experience with beading. I will update you when I hear back from Sundance.

I believe it retails for $21.00.
You can read more about this product on Amy's website: Bead Explosion by Sundance.


  1. Peggy

    Thanks for that information about beads and it looks like something those of us "bead challenged" might want to have. Looks like Sundance was thinking about us.

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. Ooooooo!

    Fun. I see "drops" and "pearls" for sure. Drops are the slightly oval beads with a hole at the top, not in the middle. The pearls are self explanatory. Are the beads sized? Open the tube and look at each set and see if they are round, cylinders, faceted hex (6 sided), frosted, clear, if their holes are lined with silver or gold, etc.

    There are ten zillion kinds of beads!

    Have fun.

  3. Thanks Jane. I love the ones that are lined with gold or silver. Add an interesting beading thread or silk thread to these lined beads and you get another interesting beading situation. Thanks for starting the bead discussion.

  4. Thanks for the information on how not to be anonymous!

  5. Let me know if it works. I am pretty sure it will.

  6. I would definitely be interested in a kit like this. I look forward to your update

  7. I too am bead challenged, to say the least. I like beading, love the effective embellishment beads create, but know so little about it. Thanks for bringing this kit to us, between you and Jane of Chilly Hollow fame, I just might finally catch on to the how, when and where of beading.


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