Monday, January 11, 2010

Market Wrap

The Long Beach market is over.  Amy, Jill and Robin will be headed home tomorrow.  We didn't get any blog news from them because they didn't have a good internet hook up.  But they promise to fill us in on who they met and what they bought.  I understand that they had to spend some time keeping Dr. Acula out of the local bars at night.  And Stirha Cal-Dron and Frank N. Stein were rumored to spend lots of time at the beach.  Stirha was looking for good seaweed for some spell she is working on.  She needs to get the brew right before we stitch her in March.  Frank is such a good sport about lugging the seaweed home in his luggage.  I don't think he realizes that there will be an extra luggage fee.

I got a good look at the Haunted House canvas today, as well as the pictures that will come with the first kit.  All I can say is get out your laying tool.  The walls are going up.


  1. Thanks Peggy, are we laying the bricks first? I guess it's time to make a trip to Home Depot. I seem to have misplaced my mortar spatula. I have looked all over the garage, but that mortar laying tool is missing.


  2. I LOVE my BLT (Best Laying Tool). I have a beautiful wooden one with a case to use when I am working close to silks that I don't want to snag. What are some other favorites out there?


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