Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How do you do Madam?

Hi Everybody... Robin here. Well, the Tap Pants are done. Let's move on to the Bra.

Today I will show you my plans for the "non-kitty face section of the Bra." Geez, what do you call that area? Is there a Foundation Garment expert in the house? Let's just call it the "sparkly cream area" until a better name is given. OK, so I was looking for a stitch... and found the Madam Stitch. (I'm not talking Heidi Fleiss here, people... this is a respectable needlepoint Blog.) I'm talking about the collection of Gobelin stitches with their own unique pathway... the Madam Stitch. Let's refer to the Chart.

At first glance what do you see? A column of Straight Gobelin and then a column of Slanted Gobelin? That might be true, but that's not how you do the Madam Stitch.

The Madam Stitch is worked in horizontal rows. I did the chart in two-tone colors for easy following. Work a Horizontal row color in the sequence indicated by the pathway numbers. See the 2 small black Pinhead Stitches at the end of the first row? You will need to work one of them, either under your last stitch or outside the stitched area, to properly orientate your thread for the next stitch on Row 2. That's now how you do the Madam Stitch. It looks really cool.


  1. Robin,

    I have seen that stitch in Suzy Murphys book but haven't ever used it. I may be trying it and some beads soon.

    Thanks for the tip

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. thanks, robin! does the pinhead stitch keep the horizontal stitch below (11-12) from slanting?

  3. Hi Kathy. Yes, the Pinhead stitch properly orients the thread from slanting. Amy uses the Pinhead when she stitches. I am realizing their importance, and try to use them as well. I'll be showing a photo soon of Madam and the Pinheads... sounds like singing group! Thanks for your comments.


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