Friday, January 15, 2010

I miss my Badge

Hi Everybody, it's Robin again. Finally got my things unpacked and put away from the wonderful trip to Long Beach, CA.

I carefully placed all of my TNNA stuff onto one shelf; hopefully, I will remember where I put it! (Looks like this Blog can be helpful on many levels... )

I miss my Badge. The Badge Holder is your identification which you wear around your neck during all TNNA events. It tells your name and where you are from. Retailer versus Wholesaler, etc... It's funny when you first meet people: their eyes quickly glance to the Badge and scan the info. Then they look at your face. We all do it. That's the beauty of the Badge. No need to panic if you don't remember a name!

I first received my Badge Holder in 2007 at the TNNA June Columbus Market. The styles have changed since then; however, the concept is still the same. It measures about 5" W x 5½" H, and has a long adjustable lanyard to wear around your neck. There's a Zipper across the top revealing a full inside pocket: great for storing business cards, cash, pens... you name it! And my Badge has a pen holder, as well as a 2nd clear window pocket on the back which was great for holding the Hotel room key, reminder notes, and gum. My Badge Holder did everything that my Purse could do... being streamlined, of course. My Arms and Shoulders were free!

At each TNNA Market they also give you a commemorative Pin featuring the location & year. Your collection shows how many Markets you have attended. I proudly have 3 Columbus Pins and 1 Long Beach Pin. The other Pins you see were from Just Another Button Company. In Columbus/June 2009 JABC was giving away these Halloween Pins... a great marketing tool to introduce their newest Buttons. Since these were of the Halloween theme, and you know I love Halloween... I circled like a Buzzard during the show snagging all 3 Pins. Thank you, JABC, for a great Trio.

I am home now, and back to using my purse. Geez, it weighs a lot.
I miss my Badge. Peggy will attend the June 2010 Columbus Market with us. It will be fun to read about her experiences in this Blog. Robin

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