Sunday, January 31, 2010

Outlines done

Now those of you who haven't gotten your coffin yet should not worry that we will get ahead of you. You will learn from my mistakes. So here is the roof with the outlines/mortar done.

This is a good way to get started on this piece because as you stitch the outlines, you can be planning your color combinations for the shingles. With five different overdyed cotton skeins going at once, one must have a plan. READ ALL THE TIPS BEFORE STARTING. They are great. Yes, she knows what questions you will ask before you do!

See my plan for keeping my threads straight as I filled in the shingles. ( I didn't use Amy's suggestion). I thought this was a novel idea.

This is how they ended up by the time I was finished with the shingles. So much for novel ideas.
Another idea is to use a labeled Needle Park Avenue.

I will share my shingles with you next week.


  1. Peggy

    Ok, I will ask...what is a Needle Park Avenue? I'v never heard of it or seen it before. I hope someone else has the same question


    Sue VanderNoor

  2. Sue,
    I posted a tiny picture under this post. I can't find mine so I have asked Robin to post a picture. Also go to this site:

    You will have to cut and paste it into your browser.


  3. Hi Everybody... Robin here. I have made the Needle Park Avenue photo larger for you to see, as well as linked it to Amy's website for further description. Hope this helps.

    Peggy, looks like your photos also have some Pink Hair Tape... was that part of the Shingles plan or just on stand-by? I am such a fan of the Pink Hair Tape. We need to start a club! Robin

  4. Well Peggy, I was sort of scared when I read the first paragraph or so. When I realized you were simply talking about making a mess of your threads, it was old home week for me and I calmed right down!! :)

    Will be checking the front door multiple times again today, tho I actually have to go somewhere. Am optimistic that my little coffin will sneak up on me while I am gone.

    Cindy Chalfant

  5. Sometimes I really hate the Canadian Mail system.... :(

    I will be soooo far behind.


  6. I promise you won't be far behind. I am holding off on the walls till everyone gets their Haunted House.

  7. Yay!!!! The Coffin is here. Whew!!! I have masked the canvas and it's on the Evertites. I will start the morter this evening and read and read the stitch guide and look over the threads. Then probably will read the stitch guide again. The surprise is so cute and the canvas is wonderful. What fun we are going to have.

    Thanks Jill

  8. I forgot to sign my name. I'm in Calif so he little coffins are starting to show up, I bet.
    Back to reading tips and stitching morter. My 10 yr old Granddaughter is drooling over the Halloweenies.

    Sue VanderNoor

  9. I/We (my daughter and I are stitching buddies) are with Jan...the Canadian mail system is so slow!!!

    Sigh...I don't want to fall too far behind. I want to enjoy the process.

    Peggy, thanks for waiting for us before you move on.

    Are you able to share how many of us have taken this exciting Halloweenie challenge?
    Maybe today??!!


  10. Hi Susan,

    The last time I asked Jill how many Halloweenies we had going it was seventy something...and growing. I think this is great for people who don't live close to a shop where they can stitch with other people. There are several people from the Memphis area stitching Halloweenies and I hope they will join me on Tuesdays at the shop from 10a to 1pm for a Study Hall.

    Just how long does is take to get a package from the States? I hope you get your today.



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