Monday, December 6, 2010

Get Your Dancing Shoes Ready

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I'm sharing some new happenings with you.

Guess who signed up to participate in the Square Dance Cyberworkshop by Orna Willis? Me, that's who. Have you heard about it? I saw it advertised in the ANG Needle Pointers magazine. At first glance, I was smitten by its design. In September,  I went on the ANG website, signed up, and today, I received my kit.

I had to share the packaging with you. I carefully opened the USPS box to reveal the contents. And, may I say, packaging is everything! My version is Veranda Views. You can see it in the inset photo; lower right corner. The threads are in their tins (seen on the left).

I've got enough on my plate right now, but I am looking forward to this experience with Orna Willis. You can see her blog here and her website here.

I'm going to dust off my dancing shoes; the class begins in January 2011.

Thanks, Robin


  1. Robin, I am taking this class too. Although I have a host of other designs to finish, I'll work this one in somehow as I love her pieces. Are the colors are always scrumptious!

  2. Hi Carol, good to hear from you. Which color way are you doing? I selected Veranda Views. Both are yummy. My mind reasoning to join was that it was a small piece, individual units, no background, and ultra suede squares. Last night I reviewed the paper diagrams; love the laminated card. This will be a fun treat. Holiday Hugs to you, Robin

  3. Hi Robin,
    Thanks so much for the lovely post! I'm always happy to find out about other packaging lovers. I'm intent on making sure that when you open one of my packages, you will feel as if you received a gift for yourself from yourself.
    This is going to be a great class, I can feel it!
    "See" you soon!

  4. OMG... a nice comment from Orna Willis... woohoo!
    What a fun way to start the day.

  5. Robin, I think I'm the same color as you are. I put my kit in a 'safe' place out of the piles of wrapping paper and ribbon and away from the teeth of my 5 month old kitten. He seems to just love threads and anything that dangles! I have the same thoughts as you, that the small squares will be manageable plus I want to hone up my ultra suede skills. Have a wonderful Holiday season!


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