Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cat Walk

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Geez Louise, would somebody please slow down this madness? Here it is... already the 20th of October. I feel like such a Halloween Non-Posting Slacker.

So, to brighten up my spirits, I am posting a photo of Cat Walk (ST H206) by Shelly Tribbey. I stitched this from a Cook Up A Canvas with Amy Bunger stitch guide.

Cat Walk by Shelly Tribbey (ST H206)
 Stitch Guide by Amy Bunger

Nothing makes me happier than Halloween and a Cat. Speaking of cats... here's a latest photo of Bailey and Elliot. You might say it looks like Elliot's patience is being tried by little Bailey... and you would be correct.

Bailey and Elliot

If you would indulge me one more moment... I'd like to share a little video of Bailey and Elliot.

(Remember, no kitten was harmed... only scolded by the elder cat.) And, yes, that's me chuckling towards the end. I got tickled at Bailey's persistence and Elliot's tolerance.

Now, I feel better. Thanks, Robin


  1. 'Cat Walk' is a stunner! I love the way rain is suggested.


  2. Thanks, Nancy. The rain was a fun stitch concept... one we should all remember for the next opportunity.

  3. As a fellow cat lover, I highly recommend Nenah's Designs - her Halloween kitties are superb!! (as well as the Christmas ornaments)

  4. Here's the link to Nenah's Needle (Halloween Canvases). Thanks for the heads up, Judy.

  5. Robin, how pretty is Cat Walk! I have a 15 week old black kitten and this canvas would be a perfect one to stitch for me (I guess that means I am the witch???!!!). Does Amy sell the 'cooking up a canvas' guides or are those only for the person she is doing the guide for? Thanks for sharing; and I too am dismayed it is already October 20th! At least I have my Christmas shopping all done.

  6. Hi Carol,
    What's your black kitten's name. Aren't they fun. We laugh every day.
    Yes, Amy is selling this Stitch Guide. You can read more information on her website... here's the link:

    You're already done with Christmas shopping. You're my hero. Good to hear from you. Hugs, Robin

  7. Hi, Robin - Love Cat Walk! I love the glittery raindrops - well done! Elliott is very patient with Bailey. I don't know that Bailey is learning his lesson but I'm sure he will at some point. I'm sure they are best of friends.

    This is off topic but I am struggling with the peyote beading on Dr. Acula's coffin. I understand the concept of what we are doing with each row of beading but I can't translate that into actually doing it. My beads on the second row will not stay in place at all. After about 4 attempts tonight on the second row, I am just not "getting it". Amy's instructions are quite detailed but if there are any other suggestions or hints, I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks!

  8. Hi Melinda,
    Thanks for your kind words. I will forward your comments to Amy and hopefully, she can further explain her methods. Hang in there... we are on the case. Halloween Hugs to you. Robin

  9. Hi Melinda... one more thing...
    Yes, Elliot is very protective about Bailey. Elliot lets us know if Bailey is in distress. Elliot also loves to initiate the scuffle. Best friends, indeed. Thanks.

  10. I had to laugh at the kitten attack. They are hilarious! Keep up the good work with those two. They seem to be having great fun.

    Your Cat Walk is great fun. Thanks for the Halloween treat!

  11. Hi Robin, my kittens name is "Augusta" after 'Augusta National Golf Club' - but we call him Augie. Hubby is a golfer big time, and now that name just seems to fit him. Love the video of Elliot and Bailey too. Off to check out the stitch guide and canvas!

  12. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for your kind words. I really enjoyed stitching Cat Walk. Shelly Tribbey's canvases are so much fun. I was thrilled at finding the colorful sequins at the Michael's store. Yes, these two (Bailey & Elliot) keep us laughing every day. Good for the soul.

  13. Hi Melinda,
    Here's what Amy suggested about the Dr. A beading:

    "The second row of the peyote beading is the hardest. I also had problems keeping the line straight. Will try to give advice from memory. Put a finger of your left hand under the string of beads to lift them off of the canvas and help to stabilize them. Aim the needle up or down away from the beads as you slide it through each bead on the return trip. Hang in there....I really mean it, the second row is totally the hardest to do. In row three the beads stay pretty much where they are supposed to, making it a piece of cake. After row three I wished that there were more rows to work!"

    Thanks, Robin

  14. Thank you so much! I'll give it another try. So the tension on the string of beads is light enough that you can slip a finger under the string? I can see that stabilizing the string would help. This is the last thing to be completed on Dr. A, so I'll try again.

  15. Thanks for sharing Bailey & Elliot! The video is a stitch! Oh, Cat Walk is cool too...


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