Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ah the toys...

Get ready to bead! And I love the new thread in this month's kit.  See the beautiful Planet Earth silk. Yum.


  1. I love Planet Earth Fiber's 6 Ply Silk. Great stuff, especially the black which is dead black with no sheen. That's perfect for my current project!

    Take care of yourself and enjoy all the beads.

  2. I too love to bead...thanks to the roof of Melissa Shirley's Valentine House, where I stitched on approximately 15,000.00 petite seed beads around the 244 heart shaped shingles. Bring the beads on!!!!!

  3. I agree with you about the Planet Earth 6-ply silk. I've been using a lot of it on current projects and it is terrific!

  4. I think I will also be using (for the first time) the Planet Earth during the Orna Wills Square Dance experience.


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