Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stockings Galore

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

I have another needlepoint story to share with you. My youngest sister, Midge, is a needlepointer, too. She used to work part-time at M's Canvas House in Lexington, KY. Midge is the person who re-introduced me to needlepoint. (Thanks, sis!)

Tapestry Tent Large Stockings
 AXS273, AXS270, and AXS379

Midge stitched a stocking for our middle sister, Kathy and her husband, Stephen. The stockings are from Tapestry Tent. She did an awesome job. Midge spoke with the folks at Tapestry Tent and asked them to design a stocking with an eagle on it. They did and it is AXS379. This stocking would be for our nephew, Dean.

Eagle Large Stocking
Tapestry Tent AXS379

Midge sent the canvas to me and I stitched it during Amy Bunger's canvas enhancement classes. I learned so many techniques while stitching this stocking. Then I returned it to Midge for the finishing. They make an impressive group of stockings, don't you think?

Enchanted Santa Large Stocking
Tapestry Tent AXS294

Well, just to share with you... Pat didn't get left out. He selected the Tapestry Tent stocking AXS294. Again, I brought it to Amy Bunger's canvas enhancement classes for the WOW factor. In his youth, Pat used to own horses; correct detail to the horse was most important.

Close up of Horse and Santa

I'll be writing up my notes of this stocking for a Stitch Guide. Look for it on Amy's website in 2011.  It certainly will have the WOW factor.  Thanks, Robin


  1. Robin,

    Thanks for posting these gorgeous stockings. Pat's stocking is breathtaking. (Although I also loved the earlier 'stocking' hung for him...) I am sure that Santa will fill it with wonderful goodies. You are, as always, inspiring.

    Merry Christmas.


  2. Missy said it all, "Breathtaking!" My eyes are seeing it, but I'm not sure my brain is taking it in - it's so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, Robin



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