Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harvest Fairy Update

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

It's the day before Thanksgiving. Peggy and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Things have been quiet in Needlepoint Study Hall, but I've got some fun news to share with you. Look at the awesome cover art Melissa Shirley (her very self) designed for my Harvest Fairy Stitch Guide. Thrilled and honored, indeed.

My Stitch Guide will be available from Melissa Shirley Designs once the Harvest Fairy canvas (MSD DM-09) is released at the January 2011, TNNA Market in Long Beach, CA. Just imagine seeing your name amongst the needlepoint rock stars who have written Stitch Guides for Melissa Shirley's canvases: Wendy Harwood, Cynthia Thomas, Amy Bunger, etc... How cool is that? You can see the current list of Melissa Shirley Designs Stitch Guides here.

Enjoy your family and friends tomorrow; we are thankful for you. We will be in touch soon.

Thanks, Robin


  1. Robin

    Congrats on another great stitching adventure. She is gorgeous. The best part is she will be available to all of us.

    A big HI from Sherry B and she is looking forward to seeing you in Jan 2011.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Amy and You and all of the wonderful staff at Amy's.

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Amy's and all the stitchers who visit Needlepoint Study Hall!

    Robin, how exciting for you! It looks like the Harvest Fairy will be lots of fun to stitch. Might have to add her to my growing To Stitch list.


  3. Hi Sue and Melinda. Thanks to both of you for your kind words. I'm glad Peggy has this blog so I can share fun news with everyone. The Harvest Fairy was fun to stitch. Her apron was done in a 5 part sequence... easy. I'll be posting some updates on the Bird & Worm. It's cute, too. Thanks! Robin


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