Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Night's Bullions

Hi Everybody... Robin here.

Hope all is good with you. I'm watching The Food Network:  The Next Iron Chef... and stitching... for ME.

Yes, the Harvest Fairy is done. I re-did her lips. At first, she was looking like the poster child for Collagen injections-gone-wrong.... now, she looks like a Glam-Fairy. I've got her Stitch Guide typed and charted. Next is adding her photos. This week she's going to the finisher! (Big relief.)

So, for tonight's simple pleasure, I have returned to the Kathy Schenkel, Mr. Mummy. Last time you saw the Mr. Mummy was during my roadtrip to Nashville. (Since then, I have finished 2 projects for the January 2011 TNNA classes.) I'm reserving tonight... pour MOI.

I've beaded the STAR and finished the BORDER. Next, I'm going to Bullion Knot the Spider Legs using Frosty Rays. They will be off of the canvas (almost 3-D, if you will) so I will now need to go back and fill in the previous open guides for the legs.

For those who shy-away from Bullion Knots (and why do you? with all of the available resources... including Amy's DVD #1, Tips, Hints + Knots... and other online websites, they aren't hard... REALLY!), I'm going to attempt a pictorial tutorial for the Bullion Spider Legs. It's a great Knot to have in our arsenal... so please, don't think you can't do them. You can!

Have you been following The Next Iron Chef? Guilty pleasures, for sure. With their encouragement, tonight, I made a Penne with Ground Turkey, Onions, Garlic, Tomato Sauce for dinner. Yummy, with leftovers, too.

Well, Bailey just walked into the room. Need to go hug a Kitten.

Peggy should be back this week. Sure have missed her.  Thanks, Robin


  1. I tuned into the Next Iron Chef for the first time tonight. i enjoyed it. Think I watched Masterpiece Mysteries before this -- but now they are Sherlock Holmes which I am not that fond of.

    Hug Bailey for me -- hope to see you in January. Please drop by -- we do have a new STITCH painted line.

  2. Gosh, the penne sounds good. The stitching is great, too. I can't wait to see what you do about bullions, even though I am 90% sure I'm not going to do bullions on Luna's fingers. She has very long fingernails and I'm not sure I can taper the bullions and switch colors well. But I'll do some practicing and we'll see!

    Jane, waving from CH where we have to give a dog a treat (LOL)


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